Sunday, September 21, 2008

May had to come sometime

Sorry about this one ladies. I almost skipped May because honestly, I find Tom to be the most unsexy underground gold miner of the year. I guess he's all right if you're into much older men, but he kind of reminds me of my grandpa Steve who has dementia. I guess it also depresses me a little to think about how even gold miners get old, which always make me think about I'm getting old and how I've also gained a lot of weight over the past year. Fortunately for me, I never have to worry about not realizing I've gotten too fat, because once I get a little pudgy, Dale starts asking me to change my clothes in the bathroom. Since he's out of town on business I've been walking around the house naked eating ice cream just to prove this is one woman who can't be told what to do!!

Even though he must be days from retirement, this month's miner is still a real sharp cookie, unlike my grandpa who can't remember his name and writes on the bathroom wall with poo. "Every task underground demands a sharp mind, including loading the cars from a chute. Every miner knows at least one story about 'the fool killer'. In our mine, a powerful but natural force permeates the workings. It's called Mother Nature."


again for this old guy in the picture, I promise more underground beefcake next month.

Presiden Pro Tem,
Margaret Fisk


Class A Dude said...

Why pick on the guy with gray hair? Are you an age-ist?

Adellamorio said...

I'm not an age-ist. I love everyone regardless of how old they are. But if people I meet are old, they usually make me feel depressed because of their closeness to death. Like, I might catch it if I am around them too long. I know that sounds crazy, but so did the idea that the earth was round and the one about eggs being unhealthy. Or are they supposed to be healthy now? Either way, you know what I mean.

Margaret Fisk