Monday, September 29, 2008

I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photo below is one I found on Dale's camera phone. He claims to have no knowledge of where it came from, but I find that hard to believe. It was just last week that he disappeared for three whole days. He says he told me he was going fishing with his friend Greg, but I swear to God he never said anything about it.

Who could this woman be? Does anyone recognize her? I'm guessing she's Irish and about 25, but I know for sure her breasts are larger than mine and that Dale has a thing for those. I AM FURIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I wish I knew for sure what kind of relationship he had with this woman. Did he just think her shirt was funny and decided to take a photo of it, or has he been dating her for the past several months or years?

Here's a photo of a gold miner. His name is Clyde. He probably has never given his wife a reason to even suspect him of cheating. "Many power sources are used in the mine to break and move the mined rock: Electric, pneumatic, diesel, water, battery and explosives. Manpower, however, is the most important and ultimate energy source in our underground mine."


Margaret Fisk
President Pro Tem

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