Sunday, September 7, 2008

Check Out the Hose on This Miner!

The fair is in town this weekend!! Me and the girls are going to get swanky and see if we can't raise a little heck. Last year we ate/drank a goodly amount of fried marguritas. Rochelle ended up getting sick all over the foot massagers and Lacy and I managed to get backstage at the Greg Khin Band's concert (but that's a story I'm taking to the grave!!!! I don't want my love in jeopardy!! not that my husband Dale ever reads any of my blogs:.(

This week's underground hottie is named Jason. He works down at the bottom of the Sixteen to One as a Miner/Slusher. I'm not sure what a slusher is, but I'm not ashamed to say that just looking at this picture makes me a little slushy inside!

Jason says, "I like working underground in the mine. While there's variety in the work, it's always about the same temperature. I never have to think how to dress."

YEAH! If anyone talks to Jason, let him know he won't have to think about what to wear when he comes to my house either! Cause no matter how cold it gets, I can keep him warm!!

Your Humble President Pro Tem
Margaret Fisk

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