Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mom Mom is moving Where?!?

My mother in law is moving in with us!! Since I'm not real good with emoticons yet I'll just have to come out and tell you that I'm a little upset and kind of freaked out.

Being a grown woman who has her own way of organizing a spice rack, I don't want someone to be looking over my shoulder saying things like, "Why do you put to cream of tartar on the top shelf when you never use it?" She also rearranges the medicine cabinet every time she uses the bathroom. I swear she does it to try and trick me into brushing my teeth with Dale's foot cream. I know I'm supposed to feel good about my hubby because he has a close relationship with his mother, but to tell the truth, it kind of freaks me out. Sometimes when they're on the couch watching tv together he'll put his legs across her lap so she can scratch them. This goes on for hours. Like all the way through Die Hard One and half way through Die Hard Two.

Fortunately for me, I've got my California Underground Gold Miners to keep me sane!!!! Johon (pronounced Yo-Han I'm told!) says, "Underground mining, more than anything I know, tests all of man's capabilities and powers. It requires a combination of brute strength and intelligence, of instinct and knowledge, each as important as the other. It is this paradox which gives us our passion for working underground and which lures us back day after day like the song of the siren."


Talk about a tripple threat, moustache, blue eyes, and sexy glasses!! I wish I was a siren capable of luring him into my underground cave!

President Pro Tem,
Margaret Fisk

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